Finished Final Draft of Novel

I finished the final draft of my novel at the end of October. I wrote it longhand which is a first for me. I needed to bypass my critical mind and allowed my creative mind to take over. It worked. It took me seven months to get through it though as it brought up many issues. Some weeks I couldn't write anything because I was too triggered to do so.

I'm now ready to type all of those pages into my computer and my software program Scrivener.

Missing Barnum

I'm missing Barnum our third Leonberger. He was a special boy who had a horrible disease which killed him at three and half years old. For some reason, it's probably the holiday season, I'm really missing my boy. Barnum and I were close. He died on Christmas Day 2012 of Anaplasmosis which is not so fondly known as "doggy aids."

This time I'm angry.