Childhood Anxiety Disorder

I had all of these symptoms. It is no wonder to me considering what I was forced to witness.

Physical Feelings:
  • headache
  • stomachache
  • muscle tension
  • panic attack symptoms, such as; shortness of breath, pounding or rapid heart beat, tingling and numbing sensations, hot or cold flushes and terror in certain situations.

  • fear of being away from home or from primary caretaker
  • fear of something terrible happening to oneself or primary caretaker
  • excessive and uncontrollable worry about many things, such as: the future, being on time for appointments, health, school performance, crime, change in routines, and family members.
  • fear of being negatively evaluated, rejected, humiliated or embarrassed in front of others
  • fear of giving oral reports, participating in gym class, starting or joining in conversations, eating in public places or talking to unfamiliar people
  • nightmares

  • avoidance of situations or things causing worry, such as; social gatherings, school or animals
  • reluctance or resistance to sleeping alone
  • crying, tantrums, clinging in situations where worried
  • repetitive behaviors such as hand washing
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