I drew some flowers here and there and allowed some of them to remain unfinished.
I found I liked the look. They represented to me that I am a work in progress with God.

  •  Work In Progress

    Work In Progress

  •  Pansy Profusion

    Pansy Profusion

  •  Tumultuous Uprising

    Tumultuous Uprising

  •  Graphite & Color Unfinished

    Graphite & Color Unfinished

Artwork created in 2000 through 2002 before actual memories surfaced about my father, my main perpetrator. Most of these depict events which occurred with my father, either during or after his torture, rape, and murder of his victims. Details of the artwork's descriptions can be found in my blog.

  •  Forcing The Hand

    Forcing The Hand

  •  Mind Altering Experience

    Mind Altering Experience

  •  Mind Blower

    Mind Blower

  •  Binary Chaos

    Binary Chaos

The first one in this series is watercolor pencils on black paper.
The second one is fabric paint on a green sweatshirt.

  •  His Mercy

    His Mercy

  •  Bethlehem


Out for a walk around my neighborhood when I lived on the only peninsula in the U.S. where you have to cross through two border crossings to get to it. A great place to live yet too isolated for me. Anyway, on my walk I discovered these interesting partially or fully frozen leaves and took photographs of them. I came back home and loaded them onto my computer where I changed their looks.

  •  Digitized Maple

    Digitized Maple

  •  Frosted Leaves Pixelated

    Frosted Leaves Pixelated

  •  Colored Pencil Frosted Leaf

    Colored Pencil Frosted Leaf

  •  Frost Leaf Effect 2

    Frost Leaf Effect 2

  •  Frost Leaf Effect 3

    Frost Leaf Effect 3

  •  Frosted Leaf

    Frosted Leaf

Some banners I've designed for various reasons though mostly for my website when I'm getting ready to publish my first novel.

  •  Congruency Effect 2 Metal

    Congruency Effect 2 Metal

  •  Congruency Effect 3 Water

    Congruency Effect 3 Water

  •  Scream Banner

    Scream Banner

  •  Serial Killers Banner on Fire

    Serial Killers Banner on Fire

  •  Serial Killers Eyes

    Serial Killers Eyes

  •  Artwork Banner

    Artwork Banner