Childhood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • moments when a child seems to replay the event in his/her mind (for me this was and still is playacting)
  • intrusion of recurrent memories of the event or repetitive play about the event (for me this was and still is playacting)
  • nightmares

  • disorganized and agitated behavior
  • irritability or anger
  • nervousness about everyone and everything around him or her, i.e.; when people get too close
  • jumpy when hearing loud noises

  • avoidance of thoughts, feelings, or places that remind the child of what happened
  • numbing or lack of emotions

Other Behaviors:
  • regression to earlier behavior, such as; clinging, bedwetting, or thumb sucking (I was clinging and thumb sucking again after stopping these behaviors.)
  • difficulty sleeping or concentrating (I could not keep my place in a novel or non-fiction book.)
  • detachment from others or social withdrawal
  • excessive use of alcohol or other substances to self-medicate

Who Is Likely to Have PTSD:
  • directly witnessed the event(s)
  • suffered direct personal consequences, such as; the death of a parent or injury to self (My father broke my arm. At age three I witnessed my father kill someone for the first time.)
  • had other mental health or learning problems prior to the event (I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.)
  • lack of a strong social network
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