Starfire Ettore "Barnum" RIP

Christmas Day our dog Barnum lost his fight against the wicked killer, Anaplasmosis Phagocytophilia, a tick borne disease. He fought to stay with us and we fought for him to stay with us. Neither of us won their fights. In the end, the disease ravaged his whole body and mind. His death was swift and ruthless.

Barnum was a Leonberger. Anaplasmosis took him in his puppyhood as this giant breed is not fully grown until five years old.

Starfire Ettore “Barnum” Rest in Peace and Run Free and Wild.

Barnum loved to run and never walked anywhere he could run.

When we first brought him home from our breeder, I remember being extra careful to lift him off the end of the ramp. It was a small step down. Maybe six inches. Yes, I was the diligent Leonberger owner, making sure he never took a stair when he was a puppy. As we approached the end of the ramp, Barnum decided enough was enough of getting picked up and lifted off the ramp. He took a running leap and flew through the air, paws out stretched as if he were flying. I never laughed so hard in my life. This single move defined the rest of Barnum’s short life. Why be picked up when you can fly through the air off the end of the ramp.

Starfire Ettore “Barnum”
31 July 2009 - 25 December 2012
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